Saddek AFIFI was born in Asfour, El Tarf, Algeria, on April 30, 1959. He received his first Engineering degree in Electronics from the Polytechnique Algiers in 1983, a Ph.D degree (Docteur Ingénieur) in electronics from Blaise Pascal University (Clermont-Ferrand, France), in 1986, and the Doctorat d’Etat in Physics from the University of Badji Mokhtar Annaba, Algeria, in 2006. In 1986 he joined the University of Annaba where he worked as a Professor at the Electronics Department and member of the “Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers et de Spectroscopie Optique et d’Opto-électronique (LAPLASO)”. He leads and teaches modules at both BSc and MSc levels in Signal Processing, Electromagnetics and Electronics. His main research interests are the scattering and propagation of electromagnetic waves in random rough surfaces and remote sensing.

Informations de contact :
Bureau : ELN 17
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Adresse : Université Badji Mokhtar-Annaba Faculté des Sciences de L'Ingeniorat Département d'Eléctronique BP.12, Annaba 23000 Algerie