Maître de conférences (B)

Dr Radia BOUFERMES Lecture /Teacher researcher – Assistan perofessor Biochemistry department – BADJI Mokhtar university of Annaba Science faculty , Biochemestry Department-–Algeria. I have completed a PhD in animal physiology, option: endocrinal ecophysiology at HOUARI Boumedienne University of Science and Technology of Algiers Algeria in 2014. I have completed my Magister in the same university on 1998. My interest in synthetic biology has grown out of recent experience working on histological, immunohistochemistry, RNA extraction, RT-PCR and Real Time qPCR. I am now a lecturer at the University of BADJI Mokhtar in Annaba-Algeria. I have had many training in France and part of my PHD research in molecular genetics and hormonal biochemistry was in the laboratory of Caen hospital Basse Normandie in France modeling of biological systems. Since 1998 up today, I taught courses in various fields (structural and metabolic Biochemistry, cytology, hematology, molecular genetics, medical genetics, physiology and other modules. Every year, I supervise student in master and license. I participated in various international, national conferences and symposiums and I believe in my rich background in the endocrine regulation of reproduction in wild male animals. I have published one international paper in journal of animal reproduction science. Now I have changed the field of my research in the field of molecular biology, metabolic and hormonal regulation by phytotheapy such as diabetes and I supervise PHD students in this field.

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Bureau : 55
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Adresse : Université Badji Mokhtar-Annaba Faculté des Sciences Département de Biochimie BP.12, Annaba 23000 Algerie