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SI Zeghina, M Bounouala, M Chettibi, A Benselhoub. (2020), DEVELOPMENT OF NEW COMPOSITE CEMENT BASED ON WASTE ROCKS FROM DJEBEL ONK PHOSPHATE DEPOSIT (TEBESSA-ALGERIA).. Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University

Résumé: Purpose. The main purpose of our research work involves the characterization and environmental management of waste rocks from Djebel Onk phosphate deposit. We propose a valorization of this product as an addition to cement manufacturing technique (the development of a new composite cement based on waste rocks of Djebel Onk phosphate deposit). Methodology. A comparative study was conducted on the physical and mechanical parameters of the composite cement based on phosphate waste rocks with cement without additions (CWA) and other cements based on pozzolan and the blast-furnace slag additives. These additives make, respectively, at mass contents of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 % for each addition. Findings. The studies and tests conducted have enabled us to deduce that it is clear that the use of phosphate waste rocks as an additive in the manufacture of cement gives better compressive strengths compared to other additives. Thus, this study has shown that it is possible to incorporate a considerable amount of phosphate waste rock from Djebel Onk deposit in the cement. Originality. It becomes possible to reduce the amount of phosphate waste rocks of Djebel Onk for cost-effectiveness and eliminate their impact from the environmental point of view. Practical value. The reuse of waste as an alternative raw material in building materials is a promising environmental solution. This way of valorization reduces large quantities of tailings and thus their environmental impact, as well as contributes to the preservation of non-renewable natural resources intensively used in construction (clays, limestone, sand, and others). Keywords: phosphate waste rocks, blast-furnace slag, pozzolan, cement, additives, Djebel Onk deposit

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