Publications internationales

2019. (2019), Influence of the Parasitic External Electromagnetic Field on the Efficiency of a Photovoltaic System
2017. (2017), variation and the influence of the pitch angle of the rotational speed of the wind turbine
2016. (2016), Management and technical economic analysis of a hybrid system (wind/diesel) in southern Algeria
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2015. (2015), Management and control of a wind-diesel hybrid system for isolated site electrification
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2015. (2015), Presentation of HVA faults in SONELGAZ underground network and their methods of diagnostic and location
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Publications nationales

2019. (2019), Cable fault location in medium voltage of Sonelgaz underground Network


2016. (2016), Securite electrique
2016. (2016), Schemas et dessin electrique

Communications internationales

2019. (2019), Modeling and Control of Photovoltaic Powered Water Pumping Systems .
2019. (2019), Study and management of a Wind-Diesel System With Battery Storage
2019. (2019), Study of an autonomous Wind-Diesel System With Battery storage
2016. (2016), Analysis of an Autonomous Wind-Diesel System With Battery Storage
2013. (2013), Influence de l’angle de calage sur la puissance mécanique de l’éolienne

Communications nationales

2014. (2014), Choix des isolateurs électriques sous pollution(région d’Annaba