Thème : devices Renewable Energy, Facts, High Voltage
Présentation : The electric power is an essential factor for the development and the evolution of the human societies that is also the field of the improvement of the living conditions and the development of the industrial activities. Although, the need of electricity is always increasing nowadays, and far from the use of polluting fossil energies like oil and the gas, several countries turned to the new form of energy known as “renewable energies”. Indeed, a true world challenge is being taken with serious today, as well as on the policy of reducing of the gas emissions for purpose of greenhouse, while bringing back them to a tolerable level according to the convention of COP21. The evolution of technologies of the components returns the conversion of these energies increasingly profitable and thus their uses economically become competitive compared to the traditional sources.These energies are exploited in mono source or hybrid and mode autonomous or connected to the networ.The power plant by several sources must meet connection architecture. Similarly, proper management of production sources for the consumer to cover the energy needs of the facility and ensure optimal use of the energy produced.